The Partnership for Food Protection (PFP) is a group of dedicated professionals with roles in protecting the food supply and public health. The PFP coordinates representatives from food safety jurisdictions at all levels of government, as well as regulatory associations and other food safety organizations, who have expertise in food and feed, epidemiology, laboratory, animal health, environment, and public health. They work together to support the implementation of an Integrated Food Safety System (IFSS).

The PFP is led by a Governing Council comprised of 15 members from federal, state, and local agencies with senior policy level and management experience in public health and food safety arenas. The Governing Council is responsible for oversight and management of the overall PFP.

Members of the PFP participate in various dynamic workgroups with a combined mission to advance the IFSS in areas of uniform program standards, training and certification programs, laboratory analysis, data sharing, joint work planning, inspection and enforcement protocols, and emergency response. Learn more about the current workgroups here.


Want to Get Involved?

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Governing Council:




Maria Ishida NY Department of Agriculture and Markets Laboratory
Pamela Miles VA Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Workplanning
Elisabeth Wirsing VT Department of Health Floating
Bailey Whiten GA Department of Agriculture Floating
Bob Ehart National Association of State Departments of Agriculture Outreach and SRPR
Pat Kennelly Association of Food and Drug Officials Workplanning
Roy Kroeger Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Dept (WY) Training
Pieter Sheehan Fairfax County Dept of Health (VA) IT
Barbara Cassens, Co-Chair FDA - Office of Partnerships Outreach
Douglas Stearn FDA - Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Floating
Jeff Farrar FDA - Office of Food Policy and Response Surveillance
Eric Nelson FDA - Center for Veterinary Medicine Surveillance
Bonnie Kissler USDA - Food Safety and Inspection Service Floating
Sherri McGarry Center for Disease Control and Prevention Surveillance, Laboratory
Michael Rogers FDA - Office of Regulatory Affairs Surveillance


Workgroup Chairs:

At least two co-chairs lead each Workgroup: one federal representative and one non-federal representative.

PFP Workgroup



Work Planning, Inspections, and Compliance Joanna Stores
Martha Myrick

NY State Dept. of Agriculture & Markets
FDA - Office of Regulatory Affair

Information Technology Barbara Thiel
Phillip Fruechting
FDA - Office of Regulatory Affairs
AR Department of Health (Human Food)
Laboratory Science Robyn Randolph
Cindy Mangione
Association of Public Health Laboratories
NY State Department of Agriculture and Markets
Outreach Brenda Stewart-Munoz
Kimberly Birklin
Jessica Badour
Randy Young
FDA - Office of Regulatory Affairs

NY Department of Agriculture and Markets
Association of Food and Drug Officials
Association of Food and Drug Officials
Surveillance, Response, and Post-Response Katie Blackshear
Jennifer Freiman
Brian Sauders
FDA - Office of Regulatory Affairs
USDA - Food Safety Inspection Service
NY State Department of Agriculture and Markets
Training and Credentialing

Tressa McGill
Angela Montalbano
Christoper Sortino

Association of Food and Drug Officials
NY State Department of Agriculture and Markets
Suffolk County Department of Health (NY)