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October 31, 2023
FDA Proposed Amendments to its Regulation for Prior Notice of Imported Human and Animal Food
The FDA uses prior notice information to determine what products should be inspected upon arrival into the United States.


October 26, 2023
FDA Raises Concerns About Probiotic Products Sold for Use in Hospitalized Preterm Infants
As part of the FDA’s commitment to protecting public health, the agency advised the public, including healthcare providers, of the possible risks that products containing live bacteria or yeast, which are commonly called probiotics, pose to preterm infants in hospital settings.


October 24, 2023
FDA Releases FY 2021 Pesticide Residue Monitoring Report
The FDA made available its annual Pesticide Residue Monitoring Program Report for Fiscal Year 2021, summarizing findings from FDA testing of human and animal foods for approximately 750 different pesticides and selected industrial compounds from October 1, 2020, through September 30, 2021.


October 19, 2023
FDA Deputy Commissioner for Human Foods Commits to Fulfilling Vision of Proposed Program
Statement from James Jones, Deputy Commissioner for Human Foods, Food and Drug Administration, about the FDA’s proposed framework for a unified Human Foods Program and new model for the Office of Regulatory Affairs.


October 6, 2023
FDA Issues Updated Compliance Program for Infant Formula
The FDA updated its infant formula compliance program for FDA investigators, laboratory analysts, and compliance officers.

September 28, 2023

FDA Finalizes Draft Guidance for Sprout Operations under the Produce Safety Rule, Releases Certain Sections as Revised Draft Guidance

The FDA released two guidance documents that outline recommendations for how sprout operations may comply with the Produce Safety Rule.


September 26, 2023

FDA Releases Two New Chapters of Draft Guidance for the Preventive Controls for Human Food Rule

The FDA announced the availability of two new chapters to the Draft Guidance for Industry: Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls for Human Food, designed to help food facilities comply with the preventive controls for human food rule mandated by FSMA.


September 20, 2023
FDA Provides Update on the Cronobacter Prevention Strategy
The FDA provided an update on its work to advance its strategy to help prevent Cronobacter sakazakii illnesses associated with consumption of powdered infant formula.


September 18, 2023
FDA to Hold Virtual Public Meeting and Listening Sessions on Strategies to Reduce Added Sugars Consumption in the United States

The FDA invites the public to register for a virtual public meeting and listening sessions to explore what federal agencies, communities, and private industry are doing to encourage the reduced consumption of added sugars.


September 1, 2023
National Food Safety Education Month 2023 – People at Higher Risk
In recognition of National Food Safety Education Month 2023, the FDA brought special attention to people who are at higher risk and help them, their family members, and caregivers by highlighting food safety information to avoid foodborne illness.


August 31, 2023

FDA and Stop Foodborne Illness to Co-Host Webinar on Facing Food Safety Challenges

The FDA announced the eighth in the ongoing series of webinars exploring food safety culture taking place on September 13, 2023, from 12 noon to 1:00 pm ET.


August 25, 2023

FDA Signs Partnership with Ecuador to Enhance Safety of Shrimp Imports

The FDA signed a Regulatory Partnership Arrangement with Ecuador’s seafood regulatory authority to strengthen food safety in shrimp intended for the U.S. market.


August 16, 2023

FDA to Hold Virtual Public Meeting and Listening Sessions on Strategies to Reduce Added Sugars Consumption in the United States

FDA will host, in collaboration with other federal partners, a virtual public meeting followed by virtual public listening sessions to discuss strategies for reducing added sugars consumption in the United States.


August 8, 2023

FDA Completes Final Administrative Actions on Partially Hydrogenated Oils in Foods

The FDA issued a direct final rule to complete administrative actions that reflect the agency’s June 2015 final determination that the use of partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) in foods is no longer Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).


August 3, 2023

FDA Announces Public Meeting to Modernize Recalls of FDA-Regulated Commodities

The FDA is hosting a free hybrid public meeting entitled “Modernizing Food and Drug Administration Recalls Listening Session” on September 29, 2023, to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to share information and feedback about topics related to recall modernization.

July 21, 2023

FDA Responds to Petition on Phthalates in Food Packaging and Food Contact Applications

The FDA denied a petition requesting that the agency reconsider its denial of a citizen petition issued on May 19, 2022.


July 13, 2023

FDA Updates Duration of Enforcement Discretion Policies in Two COVID-19 Era FSMA Guidances

The FDA re-issued two temporary guidances originally published during the COVID-19 public health emergency for certain regulatory requirements that involve onsite visits abroad under the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).


July 13, 2023

Strengthening the Security and Resilience of U.S. Food and Agriculture: 120-Day Interim Risk Review

The FDA, the Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Homeland Security made available the 120-Day Food and Agriculture Interim Risk Review, which provides a review of critical and emergent risks to the U.S. food and agriculture sector, as well as ways to mitigate those risks.


July 12, 2023

FDA Update on Post-market Assessment of Certain Food Ingredients

The FDA released a public inventory of certain food ingredients that the agency has determined to have unsafe uses in food because they are unapproved food additives and lists of select chemicals currently under the agency’s review.

June 30, 2023
FDA Provides an Update on Cyclospora Research, Prevention and Response Efforts

The FDA released updates to the agency’s Cyclospora Prevention, Response and Research Action Plan to reflect the current status of the agency’s work to prevent and reduce incidences of cyclosporiasis in the U.S.


June 27, 2023
FDA Provides Update on Proposal for Unified Human Foods Program, including New  Model for the Office of Regulatory Affairs
The FDA provided an update on its proposal to create a unified Human Foods Program, which includes a new model for the Office of Regulatory Affairs to further enhance coordination, prevention and response activities across the FDA, enabling the agency to better support its public health mission.

June 20, 2023
FDA Releases 2017-2018 Report on the Occurrence of Foodborne Illness Risk Factors in Fast Food and Full-service Restaurants
The FDA released its report on the Occurrence of Foodborne Illness Risk Factors in Fast Food and Full-service Restaurants summarizing the agency’s findings from the 2017-2018 data collection.


June 15, 2023
FDA Releases Summary Report on Ready-to-Eat Dips and Spreads Sampling Assignment
The FDA released findings from a sampling assignment that collected and tested refrigerated, multi-commodity ready-to-eat dips and spreads to estimate the presence of Salmonella spp, and Listeria monocytogenes in these products as part of the agency’s ongoing effort to proactively ensure food safety and remove adulterated product from the market.


June 14, 2023
FDA Issues Second Procedural Notice on Consumer Research on Front-of-Package Labeling
The FDA issued a 30-day procedural notice on its plans to conduct a study entitled “Quantitative Research on Front of Package Labeling on Packaged Foods” to follow up on focus groups conducted in 2022.


June 1, 2023
FDA Issues Final Guidance to Industry on Action Level for Inorganic Arsenic in Apple Juice
The FDA announced the availability of a final guidance for industry entitled “Action Level for Inorganic Arsenic in Apple Juice,” which supports the agency’s goal to reduce exposure to environmental contaminants from foods commonly consumed by babies and young children.


May 31, 2023
FDA Update on PFAS Activities
The FDA shared updates on their activities to better understand PFAS in the general food supply including recent testing results, progress on seafood related work, and advances in testing methods.


May 19, 2023
FDA Announces National Academies Study of Supply, Market Competition, and Regulation of Infant Formula in the U.S.
The FDA announced that the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine will conduct an independent study on challenges in supply, market competition, and regulation of infant formula in the United States.


May 18, 2023
Now Available: Small Entity Compliance Guide for the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Food Traceability Rule
The compliance guide describes the requirements of the Food Traceability regulation to assist small entities, including farms and small businesses, in complying with the applicable recordkeeping requirements.

USDA Recalls

December 1, 2023
Pelleh Poultry Corp. Recalls Ready-To-Eat Beef and Poultry Products Due to Possible Listeria Contamination
WASHINGTON, Dec. 1, 2023 – Pelleh Poultry Corp., a Swan Lake, N.Y. establishment, is recalling approximately 708 pounds of ready-to-eat (RTE) beef and poultry products that may be adulterated with...
November 19, 2023
Skyline Provisions, Inc. Recalls Raw Ground Beef Products Due to Possible Foreign Matter Contamination
WASHINGTON, Nov. 19, 2023 – Skyline Provisions, Inc., a Harvey, Ill. establishment, is recalling approximately 5,620 pounds of raw ground beef products that may be contaminated with a foreign object...
November 17, 2023
FSIS Issues Public Health Alert for Meat and Poultry Jerky Products Due to Misbranding and Undeclared Allergen
WASHINGTON, Nov. 17, 2023 - The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is issuing a public health alert for meat and poultry jerky products due to...
November 10, 2023
JX Restaurant, Inc. Recalls Chicken Products Due to Misbranding and Undeclared Allergens
Nov. 11, 2023, Editor’s Note: Details of this recall release were updated to reflect the change in the name of the recalling firm to their corporate name, JX Restaurants, Inc...
November 4, 2023
Tyson Foods Inc. Recalls Chicken Patty Product Due to Possible Foreign Matter Contamination
WASHINGTON, Nov. 4, 2023 – Tyson Foods, Inc. a Berryville, Ark., establishment, is recalling approximately 29,819 pounds of fully cooked, breaded, shaped chicken patty product that may be contaminated with...