Training and Credentialing

Training and Credentialing

Gen Ed Competency Review

The Partnership for Food Protection (PFP) NEEDS YOUR HELP in re-validating the Gen Ed competencies within the National Curriculum Standard (NCS). The competencies help assure that Gen Ed training is standardized and up to date.

The re-validation is being done through surveys for each of the Gen Ed content/topic areas. Each survey should only take about 10 minutes to complete. Feel free to take any or all of them, depending on your expertise.


The Training and Credentialing workgroup’s goal is to help develop standard curricula and certification programs that will promote consistency and competency among the IFSS workforce.

In partnership with FDA’s Office of Training Education and Development (OTED) and the International Food Protection Training Institute (IFPTI), this workgroup is developing a National Curriculum Standard (NCS) for regulatory enforcement professionals. Multiple frameworks have been created representing retail and manufactured food, animal food, and laboratory competencies needed by regulatory professionals to fulfill the duties and tasks of their job. Establishing a NCS gets us one step closer to a competent workforce doing comparable work across all strategic partners.