Surveillance, Response, and Post-Response

Surveillance, Response, and Post-Response

The PFP’s Surveillance, Response and Post-Response (SRPR) workgroup is comprised of dedicated local, state, and federal food safety and public health officials working together to promote coordinated and effective surveillance and outbreak response in an effort to strengthen the Integrated Food Safety System

Information Sharing for Local Health Agencies

Information Sharing for Local Health Agencies

The PFP’s Surveillance, Response and Post-Response (SRPR) workgroup is supporting information sharing during food emergencies amongst food safety partners because it is a critical piece of our integrated food safety system. We have created a document that highlights a new type of 20.88 information sharing agreement. This new type of agreement was developed by the FDA to allow local health agencies access to the information they need during foodborne outbreaks and other food emergencies by working directly with their state partners

  • Ready to sign-up for a new 20.88 information sharing agreement? Have questions or comments? Reach out to the FDA’s Information Sharing team today at [email protected].
  • Download our infographic and our one-page information sharing document.
  • For more detail on information sharing, see the FDA’s website.
  • To read about the various types of information sharing agreements and which agencies have them in place, click here!

Foodborne Illness Investigation Overview for Industry

Designed with food industry partners in mind, this document outlines the roles and responsibilities of those involved in a regulatory outbreak investigation, plus accessible resources to help guide industry in understanding these different components of the outbreak response and corresponding activities.

Recall Integration Partnership Project

The Surveillance, Response, and Post-Response (SRPR) Workgroup is embarking on a new project as part of the latest Strategic Plan (2021-2026). Formally named the “Recall Integration Partnership Project,” the project aims to increase collaboration, share new lessons learned, and glean further improvements for the current recall system.

Best Practices for FDA and State Recall Coordinators – 2021 (Download)

The SRPR Workgroup’s recall subgroup has updated the 2015 version of Best Practices for Improving FDA and State Communications During Recalls. The refreshed version, published in late 2021, offers newest practice recommendations based on additional lessons learned over the past several years. The recommendations in this document are intended to encourage and enhance timely, reciprocal communication of human and animal food recall information among the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and state, local, tribal and territorial (SLTT) government agencies during recall events. Communication during recall events amongst partner agencies is critical to ensure a safe food supply.

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The Surveillance, Response, and Post-Response workgroup has developed several existing resources, including:

There are many resources currently available that can be better leveraged across strategic partners. The PFP will help the strategic partners to promote the use of these existing resources and will create new tools to further enhance the goals of an IFSS.