PFP Consolidated Close-Out Report 2018-2020

PFP Consolidated Close-Out Report 2018-2020

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The Partnership for Food Protection (PFP) workgroups provided summaries of programs, projects, and activities executed during the FY2015-2020 Strategic Plan. Each workgroup achieved multiple accomplishments, with some programs, projects, and initiatives ongoing. Some of the major accomplishments include, but are not limited to, the following:

Outreach – worked with each PFP workgroup to develop their content for the PFP Website; created several media and marketing products including an e-newsletter, a newsfeed, a PFP informational brochure, a new website, a Twitter account, a FoodSHIELD page, informational videos for YouTube; hosted webinars; wrote articles for associations on PFP and its activities.

Work Planning Inspections & Compliance – completed a survey to determine the work planning process used by states; conducted a pilot of the “Model for Local Federal/State Planning and Coordination of Field Operations and Training” document; coordinated a Mutual Reliance meeting between FDA and the New England states.

Surveillance, Response and Post-Response – added best practice documents to the CIFOR Food Safety Clearinghouse; partially completed the Model Food Emergency Response Framework (MFERF) pilot.

Laboratory Science – provided state laboratory staff members from over ten (10) states to serve as part of a collaboration with the PFP Information Technology workgroup to adapt the National Food Safety Data Exchange (NFSDX) and the ORA Partner Portal (ORAPP) for laboratory data; published the Human and Animal Food Testing Laboratories Best Practices Manual (LBPM); developed and finalized the Human & Animal Food Regulatory Compliance Review Checklist.

Training and Credentialing – completed or partially completed dairy, acidified, and LACF competency statements for the National Curriculum Standards (NCS); completed retail competency statements and behavioral anchors at the advanced level; conducted gap analysis for the animal food NCS framework; completed competency statements and applicable behavioral anchors for the laboratory NCS framework; completed a Job Task Analysis for Seafood Inspection.

Information Technology – formalized governance and oversight processes to review, approve, prioritize and maintain the ORA Data Exchange IT systems improvements and rollout plans; helped execute the NFSDX and ORAPP.