Information Technology

Information Technology


The Information Technology workgroup’s goal is to promote data standards to improve the ability to share information electronically among strategic partners. To achieve this goal, the workgroup has undertaken technical projects that are advancing abilities to harmonize a compatible IT environment among all food safety officials.

The workgroup is working toward promoting data standards and developing common data schemes to facilitate sharing information electronically among strategic partners.  This includes addressing the data sharing requirements, specifically by harmonizing and developing compatible IT environments among food safety officials. Sharing of information will help to achieve the ultimate goal of mutual reliance for a safer food supply.


ORA Date Exchange (DX) One Pager

The ORA Data Exchange (DX) One Pager gives a high level overview of the ORA DX Program; highlighting data exchange areas, benefits, solutions, and the onboarding process.

ORA Data Exchange (DX) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) Data Exchange (DX) Program’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is updated with every ORA DX release. This document is organized into three sections: (1) Program & Regulatory Partners Participation, (2) Systems, and (3) Data Aspects.